When an order is available to accept, our system’s first task is to determine whether the order meets your criteria. Our system is completely automated, so this criteria is weighed in just a few milliseconds and executed faster than any human could possibly be.

Our system allows you to filter orders even more by way of the following controls within our portal:

  • Service is Running or Stopped, per company
  • Type of Order: Interior/Exterior, BPO/Inspection
  • Minimum Fee for this Order Type and Company
  • Daily Limit of orders, per company
  • In Coverage Area (determined by zip codes)

We try to provide as much transparency as possible about what happened when an order solicitation came in, etc., by way of the Activity log for each company in our portal. This way, you can see if an order was accepted, missed, ignored, or if something else went wrong at a glance.

Additional controls and features are always being worked on, such as our latest Smart Refresh algorithm. We also plan to add “Weekend” and “Rush Order” criteria, so that you can decide whether you want orders due in less than 48 hours or due over the weekend accepted. Additional notification options are also being added soon, including “Accepted Order” SMS notifications to you and/or your photo takers and BPO managers/coordinators. We make announcements every few months about new features available to you.

Once an order is accepted, you will receive an “Accepted Order” email notification, with details about the order. If our system ignores an order, due to not meeting your criteria, you will receive an email notification about that as well, with a brief explanation about why the order was ignored. Our system does not actually Decline any order.

Once your services are activated, you will be given login credentials so our portal, so you can log in to make changes to your auto-accept criteria for each company, anytime. For the most part, you are expected to manage your auto-accept service using our portal. If you run into any trouble, however, please notify us right away so we can guide you.

You will also find that our coders are always working on improvements to the service, and that development is never really complete. BPO Monkey has been a work in progress since 2014 and probably always will be, as we add more companies, features, filters, and ground-breaking speed enhancements.

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