What is Smart Refresh?

Smart Refresh works only for companies which require you to log in to accept their orders. Normally, our system only logs in to check for available orders when you receive a solicitation email.

In addition to the normal auto-accept method mentioned above, we have developed a new auto-accept algorithm, which leverages the power of the sheer number of agents in our group. If one of our agents receives an order solicitation, or is logged in and sees an order available – in one of your zip codes – the system will also log in for you, to check for available orders, if it’s not already doing so. Even if you receive a solicitation email as well, this method has proven to trigger the login process just a second or so sooner, resulting in a higher capture rate of orders which previously may have been missed without Smart Refresh. This algorithm can result in capturing orders before they’re even sent out to the general agent population.

No other auto-accept service or software can offer such a sophisticated algorithm, since they don’t have the power of our group’s data to leverage on your behalf.

NOTE: Smart Refresh is only active for BPO Fulfillment at this time, but we plan to implement Smart Refresh with more companies in the near future.