There is a one-time “Joining Fee” of $349 to join our group.

The joining fee is deemed fully earned and non-refundable after your first order is auto-accepted. It should be our mutual goal of procuring a long and fruitful business relationship. We’ve spent thousands of hours developing, and continue to develop, this proprietary automation platform for long-term growth, and we believe our customers have a similar outlook.

Exception: ┬áIf our service fails to capture a “Non Exclusive” or “Non Assigned” order for you within 30 calendar days of paying the joining fee, we will allow you to leave the group with a full refund of the joining fee, at your request.

Our pricing is very simple:
$1.00 per Inspection order captured
$2.00 per BPO / Appraisal order captured

Orders marked as Exclusive or Direct Assigned from RRReview and BPO Fulfillment are not charged any capture fee.

If an order is canceled after being captured, please notify us right away so we can remove it from your billing record after verification.

On or about the 1st day of each month, you will be sent a PayPal invoice for the previous month’s captured orders. This invoice is due no later than the 5th of that same month. At 4pm CST on the 5th, if the invoice hasn’t been paid, your service is turned off until the invoice is paid in full.

If no orders were auto-accepted for you in a given month, no payment is due. You only pay for captured orders.


Page last updated 04/15/2019