NOTE:  We are not affiliated with any of the following companies; we merely provide a service that automates their web interface.

Our auto-accept service is always adapting to ever-changing BPO and Appraisal order solicitations.  Our current system is coded to accept orders from the following companies:

  • RRReview
  • Red Bell
  • Xome Valuations
  • ProTeck Valuation Services
  • Solidifi (Mark-to-Market)
  • Vendorly (Altisource)
  • SWBC
  • Summit Valuations
  • Clear Capital
  • Inside Valuation (LRES)
  • SingleSource
  • Groundwork Inspections
  • Springhouse (Appraisers Only)
  • Emerge Property Solutions
  • LRES (Genesis)
  • Consolidated Analytics

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