How does this work?

Once you sign up and pay your Joining Fee, we’re going to set up a special forwarding email address for you to use with the BPO companies you want us to accept orders from.  This allows your order solicitations to arrive at our server as fast as technically possible, rather than being forwarded from your existing email.

This special forwarding address is NOT something that can easily identify you as using auto-accept.  It is not an “” address.  We have several domain names we use, to provide maximum protection against being detected by the BPO companies.  Additionally, our system uses thousands of IP addresses, so that it does not appear that many agents are using the same IP address.  Many other proprietary technologies are used to make sure your usage of our service is not detected by the BPO companies; we go to great lengths to do what we can to ensure this.

All email sent to your special forwarding address is automatically and transparently forwarded to your normal email address, so nothing should appear to have changed on your end.  Occasionally, some email may land in your Spam folder, so we advise you to check there if you think you’re missing something.

Which BPO companies does this work with?

How much does this cost?