BPO Auto-Accept Service

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Our system utilizes various proprietary methods of automation to accept orders on your behalf, just as a paid assistant would, except at a fraction of the cost — and faster. Whether your orders require a link to be clicked, logging in, or a code to be entered, our automated system gives you the BEST chance at capturing that order. You provide your auto-accept criteria, then only the orders you want will be captured, and only the amount of orders you’re capable of completing. You’re in full control.

Our system runs in the cloud, so you don’t need to install and run anything special on your computer. Agents who use our system are  a group of talented BPO professionals who are serious about their business, and are among the most competitive people in the industry. Joining our group allows you access to a highly specialized order capture system, which has been proven to expand agent’s BPO business models and increase profits over time.

You’ll start to receive Acceptance emails for many of your solicitations, rather than your competition.  You may even receive order confirmations for orders you didn’t even know were out there, by way of our Smart Refresh algorithm.

No more frantically grabbing your smartphone, hoping you’re the first agent to click the link. Our system is also on the job 24 hours a day, every day. This is the secret weapon your competitors have been using against you!

We are based only in the USA. Our office, our team, our servers, and our proxy servers are all located in the USA as well. This is increasingly important for dealing with certain BPO company portals. Our system captured nearly $46 Million worth of BPO, Inspection, and Appraisal orders in 2022.

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